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Radiation Instrument Manuals

Radiation Instrument Manuals

HPI 2080

Download 2080_MAN.pdf

Thermo Alpha 7

Download Alpha-7 Manual.pdf

Alpha 6 Communications Software

Download Zipped Alpha 6.zip

Eberline Alpha 6

Download Alpha6 manual.pdf

Eberline AMS-3 Beta CAM

Download AMS-3 Beta CAM Manual.pdf

Canberra Alpha Sentry

Download Alpha Sentry CAM System User's Manual 2005.pdf

Alpha Sentry Maintenance

Download Canberra Alpha Sentry CAM Maintenance Manual.pdf

Eberline AMS-4 Beta CAM

Download AMS4 Manual.pdf

Canberra PCM

Download Canberra Personnel Contamination Monitors ManualRev06.pdf

Eberline E-600

Download E600 Tech Manual.pdf

FemtoTech 1812

Download FemtoTECH 1812.pdf


Download 6112M_E.pdf

Area Tritium Monitor

Download FEMTO-Tech Model 224GB-U24 Tritium Monitor.pdf

Ludlum Model 9 Ion Chamber

Download Model 9.pdf

Ludlum Gamma Stretch Scope

Download Model 78.pdf

Thermo RO-20 Ion Chamber

Download RO-20 Ion Chamber Technical Manual.pdf

TA Smart Ion Chamber

Download TBM-IC-BW Manual.pdf

Eberline RO-3

Download Eberline RO-3.pdf

ASM1000 Emulator

Download ASM1000Emulator.zip

Berthold LB146 HFM

Download Berthold_LB146.pdf

Bladewerx BZM

Download BZM Manual.pdf

Eberline PCM-2

Download PCM-2 Manual.pdf

Thermo iPCM12 Manual

Download Thermo iPCM12-Rev 2 Manual.pdf

IAEA Safety Fundamentals

Download IAEA Safety Fundamentals SF-1.pdf

Eberline PM-7 Manager

Download PM-7_ManagerGuide.pdf

Eberline PM-7 Operating Manual

Download PM-7 Operating Manual.pdf

Fluke 450 Software

Download CAL450.EXE

Fluke Ion Chamber Manuals

Download CAL450.pdf

Fluke IC XL

Download 451B-ELEV.xls

RadEye Zipped

Download Thermo.zip


RadEye Cal Program

Download CalRadEye.zip

Ludlum Model 78

Download M78_&_M78-1.pdf

Reuter Stokes Manual

Download Reuter Stokes GE HPIC RSS-131 User's Manual.pdf

Aptec NRC NP-2

Download ANPDR_70_np2.pdf

TA Catalog

Download Technical Associates Instrument Catalog.pdf

Berthold LB 148

Download LB148Hand Foot Monitor.pdf

iCAM Training

Download iCAM external tech training course.pdf

Radiation Instruments Manual

Download Instrument Manual.pdf

DHS Portal Monitor Standard

Download N42.35.pdf

DHS Guidance on Portal Monitors

Download PortRadPortalMons-TN_0714-508.pdf

PNNL Instrumentation Manual

Download PNNL-Instrument Manual.pdf