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Handbook Description

These five extremely useful handbooks are currently available from Voss Associates:

Voss Handbook of Radiation Data – A pocket-sized "field manual" of data, charts, formulae and facts useful to professionals in the fields of radiation monitoring and protection. The Voss Handbook of Radiation Data has an international circulation (30 countries at last count) and more than 100,000 copies have been distributed.

Voss Handbook of Radiation Safety – This handbook complements the Handbook of Radiation Data by providing the methods of applying the principles of radiation safety. Methods of dose reduction are described in detail with equations liberally spaced in the text. Dose limits, consequences of excess dose, medical treatment, and ALARA are clearly stated.

Voss Handbook of Air Monitoring – This handbook is finally available. After providing the Handbook of Radiation Data for many years we developed the Handbook of Air Monitoring at the request of numerous users of our first handbook. This is intended as both a field manual and a desk reference for all aspects of air monitoring. Beginning with the assessment of the need for air monitoring through the methods of air sampling and the analysis and reporting of the air monitoring results this handbook covers those elements needed by the air monitoring community. Current regulatory limits are included in the extensive tables in this handbook.

Voss Handbook of Environmental Monitoring – This handbook covers the wide scope of environmental monitoring methods and regulations in a compact publication. This field manual covers assessment techniques, sampling methods, analysis methods, and reporting requirements. Environmental monitoring of soil, air, and water is necessary to ensure the quality of our overall environment. This handbook provides useful data and methods for those purposes.

Handbook of Medical Physics - This handbook provides information the physicians, technicians, and patients can use.  Isotope data, exposure rates, and links to reference materials are contained in this handbook.

Currently In Development: Voss Associates plans to release the following books in the next year:

Handbook of Industrial Safety

Handbook of Industrial Hygiene

Handbook of Waste Management

For further information on Voss Associates publications, email us.