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Reference Documents and Handbooks


EPA Radon Guide

Download EPA Radon Handbook.pdf

Los Alamos Handbook 1954

Los Alamos General Handbook for Radiation Monitoring 1954

Download General Handbook for Radiation Monitoring 1954 cropped.pdf

Los Alamos Handbook 1958

Los Alamos Handbook of Radiation Monitoring 1958

Download Los Alamos Handbook of Radiation Monitoring 3rd Edition 1958 cropped.pdf

Radiation Data 2017

Download Radiation Data 2017 for posting.pdf

Radiation Safety 2018

Download Radiation Safety 2018 for web.pdf

Air Monitoring 2017

Download Air Monitoring 2017 for posting.pdf

Medical Physics Handbook 2017

Download Medical Physics Handbook 2017 for posting.pdf

Environmental Monitoring 2016

Download Environmental Monitoring 2015 for posting.pdf

Emergency Response Guide

Download ERG2012.pdf

Tom Voss Resume

Download James Tom Voss Resume.pdf

DOT Guide for Preparing Shipping Papers

Download Guide for Preparing Shipping Papers.pdf

DOT Handling Radioactive Materials Safely

Download Handling Radioactive Materials Safely.pdf

DOT Transport Review

Download Transport-packaging-review.pdf

Future Directions of Radon and Tritium Monitoring


Nuclear Engineering Opportunities


Small Nuclear Reactors

Download Small Nuclear Reactors.pdf

IAEA Safety Fundamentals

Download IAEA Safety Fundamentals SF-1.pdf

Explanation of Detector Spreadsheet

Download Alpha Beta Comparison Explanation.pdf

Detector Spreadsheet XL

Download Alpha and Beta Detector Comparison Spreadsheet.xls

Alpha6 ZIP file

Download Zipped Alpha 6.zip

Detector Spreadsheet PDF

Download Alpha and Beta Detector Comparison Spreadsheet.pdf

Radiological Health Handbook 1970

Download RHHcomplete.pdf

Reuter Stokes HPIC Manual

RSS-131 User's Manual

Download Reuter Stokes GE HPIC RSS-131 User's Manual.pdf

Savannah River Air Monitoring TBD

Download WSRC-IM-2001-00025 Rev3.pdf

Nureg 1400

Download NUREG-1400.pdf


E-600 Cal software

Download E-600.zip


E-600 Rad Mapping Software

Download RadMap.zip

E-600 RadMap Manual

Download E600 Mapping.PDF

Radioactive Decay Data Tables - Kocher

Download Radioactive Decay Data Tables Kocher.pdf

Radiological Health Handbook

Download RHHcomplete.pdf

Operational Health Physics Training - Argonne National Lab

Download Operational Health Physics Training by H. L. Moe.pdf

Radiation Detection and Measurement - Tom McLean

Download Radiation Detection and Measurement - Tom McLean.pptx

Measurement and Detection of Radiation

Download Measurement & Detection of Radiation - Tsoulfanidis-2-Ed.pdf