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Tom Voss Resume

James T. (Tom) Voss, NRRPT, CHP

Fellow of the Health Physics Society

President of the Power Reactor Section of the HPS

Member of the American Nuclear Society

Current DOE “Q” Clearance

Previous “Top Secret” DOD Clearance

Previous AEC and NRC Security Clearances



Cell: 505-753-6395

PO Box 10

Abiquiu, NM 87510





            Fresno College, Fresno, California - 1963 – 1965

            Brigham Young University - 1965 – 1967

            University of Utah - 1965 – 1967

            Chemical Engineering studies


Certifications and Licenses:

            New Mexico “Qualified Expert in Health Physics - Calibration and Training” 2017 

            Certified Health Physicist (ABHP in 1998)

            Registered Radiation Protection Technologist – NRRPT 1992

            Radiation Control Technician - ANSI/ANS-3.1 1976, ANSI/ASME NQA-1 1983

            Private Pilot – FAA 1969

            Chemical Engineer 01G20 - US Army 1965


Career Experience:

            California State Highways Department – Survey Technician, Soils Lab Technician, Weighmaster – 1963 - 1965  


US Army Chemical Corps (CBR – Chemical, Biological, Radiological Division) – Chemical Engineer, MOS 01G20 - 1965 – 1967


            Southern California Edison Company – Chemistry and Radiation Protection Specialist – 1967 – 1982


            Consultant to commercial nuclear power plants – Chemistry and Environmental Specialist, Technical Procedure Writer, Lead Startup Engineer - 1982 – 1989

            Initial Startup of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Generating Station (PWR) 1982 -1985

            Initial Startup of Clinton Power Station (BWR) 1985 – 1986

            Reactor Refuelings of Farley Nuclear Plant (PWR) 1986 – 1987

            Pre-Startup of Seabrook Station (PWR) 1987 – 1988

            Operations at Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Plant (PWR) 1988 - 1989


            Westinghouse Corporation at Waste Isolation Pilot Project – Senior Health Physics Specialist - 1989 – 1993


            Los Alamos National Laboratory – Radiation Protection Specialist – 1993 – 1998


            Los Alamos National Laboratory – Certified Health Physicist – 1998 to present


            Consultant to Radiological Services Providers 2006 to present


            Radiation Safety Training Coordinator for US Nuclear Corp, Technical Associates, and Overhoff Technology 2006 to present

Guest Lecturer at:

            Stanford Linear Accelerator,

            Sandia National Laboratory,

            Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL formerly AECL),

            Ohio State University,

            Cincinnati State University,

            University of New Mexico,

            Colorado State University


Career Achievements:

            Named a “Fellow” of the Health Physics Society in 2006

            Certified as a Health Physicist by the ABHP in 1998

            Author of “Los Alamos Radiation Monitoring Notebook,” LA-UR-00-2584

            Participated in the training of several hundreds of people in all aspects of radiation protection and measurement

            Author of a few hundred technical reports and procedures

            Registered as a Radiation Protection Technologist by the NRRPT in 1992


Technical Abilities:

            Radiological Assessment

            Procedure and Training Developer

            Radiation Instrumentation Developer/Evaluator       

            Startup Engineer

            Technical Trainer

            Technical Writer


Professional Activities:

            Member of HPS, ANS, and NRRPT (Health Physics Society, American Nuclear Society, National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists)

            Member of writing committees for ANSI, Department of Homeland Security, and IEC

            Chair of the Health Physics Society Laboratory Accreditation Assessment Committee

            Member of Health Physics Society Instrumentation Section

            President of the Power Reactor Section of the Health Physics Society

            Technical Reviewer for Radiation Protection Dosimetry

            Technical Reviewer for the Journal of the Health Physics Society



            Hazardous Materials Classification and Handling Handbook 2015

        Medical Physics Handbook 2014

            Air Monitoring Handbook 2012          

            Radiation Safety Handbook 2011

            Environmental Monitoring Handbook 2005

            Radiation Data Handbook 1984


            Contributor to “Radioactive Air Sampling Methods” 2010 CRC Press Mark Maiello and Mark Hoover


Los Alamos Publications

            LA-UR-18-21789 "Neutron Radiation Measurement Techniques"

            LA-UR-18-20696 "Evaluation of Current Air Sample Filter Media in use by Radiation Protection Division"

            LA-UR-16-22446 "LANL Evaluation of the Fuji NSN3 Neutron Rem Mmeter"

            LA-UR-16-24956 "Feasibility of Using a Plastic Scintillator Design for a Light-weight Neutron Rem Meter"

            LA-UR-16-25704 "Development of a Contamination Survey Training Simulator"

            LA-UR-15-25676 "Canberra ASM1000/AS1700 Alpha CAM Continuous Air Monitor Operating Characteristics"

            LA-UR-15-28465 "Methods to Improve the Lower Limit of Detection for Tritium in the Air and on Surfaces"

            LA-UR-14-21438 "Calibration of Alpha and Beta Surface Contamination Monitors"

            LA-UR-14-21439 "Calibration Techniques for Gamma Survey Instruments

            LA-UR-14-21440 "Mitigating the Effects of Radon and Thoron and Their Progeny in a Radiation Instrument Calibration Facility"

            LA-UR-14-21443 "Patient, Family, Hospital Staff, and RSO Doses Associated with the Tc-99m Procedure"

            LA-UR-14-21444 "Small Modular Reactors"

            LA-UR-14-21445 "India's Thorium Reactor Progress"

            LA-UR-13-27757 "Calibration of the Thermo RadEye GX, SX, and PX with Various Detectors"

            LA-UR-13-27515 "Designing the LANL "Nkosoc" Alpha and Beta Sandwich Detector

            LA-UR-13-27718 "Canberra Alpha Sentry CAM Acute Alarm"

            LA-UR-12-24629 "Stationary Contamination Monitor Comparison"

            LA-UR-12-24875 "Canberra NetCAM, Dynamic Radiation Source and CAM Alarm Modeling"

            LA-UR-10-02842 "LANL experience with the Canberra NetCAM"

            LA-UR-09-0908 "New Algorithms for the Eberline Alpha-6 CAMS"

            LA-UR-08-0394 "Hand and Foot Monitor Requirements for FY09 Procurement"

            LA-UR-06-4463 "Status of Current Air Monitoring Evaluations Using Multi-Point Radioactive Aerosol Sampling"

            LA-UR-05-5020 "A Discussion of Air Monitoring Strategies"

            LA-UR-05-1561 "How Can Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Principles Improve the Safety Environment in Your Lab?

            LA-UR-05-5019 "Operational Experience with the Eberline Alpha7 CAM at LANL"

            LA-UR-02-1670 “Future Directions in Air Monitoring at Los Alamos National Laboratory”

            LA-UR-02-7145 “A New Design for Portable Radiation Survey Instrumentation”

            LA-UR-01-1001 “Automated Survey Method for Upstream Segregation of Transuranic Waste”

            LA-UR-01-1511 “A Novel Design for a Portable Continuous Air Monitor”

            LA-UR-00-2311 “Placement of Continuous Air Monitors in PF-4 Plutonium Laboratories: Consensus Findings and Recommendations”

            LA-UR-00-2584 “Los Alamos Radiation Monitoring Notebook” updated February 2001

            LA-UR-00-4236 “A Method for Radon and Thoron Discrimination”

            LA-UR-99-6750 “Los Alamos Radiation Monitoring Notebook”

            LA-UR-97-1345 “Comparison of Continuous Air Monitor Utilization: A Case Study”

            LA-UR-96-4805 "Performance Evaluation of an Irregular Surfaces and Internal Surfaces Radioactive Contamination Monitor"

            LA-UR-96-4806 "Alpha Continuous Air Monitor Algorithms and Instruments"


Participation on ANSI and IEC Standards Writing Committees



            ANSI N13.56, “Sampling and Monitoring Releases of Airborne Radioactivity in the Workplace of Nuclear Facilities,” Chairperson J. J. Whicker

            ANSI N323C, “Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration – Air Monitoring Instruments,” Co-chairs M. Hoover and M. Johnson

        ANSI N317 (revision), “Performance Criteria for Instrumentation Used for In-Plant Plutonium Monitoring,” Chairperson C. Olson

            ANSI N42.33, “Portable Radiation Detection Instrumentation for Homeland Security,”  Chairperson M. Cox

            ANSI N13.38, “Selection and Use of Portable Neutron Radiation Protection Instrumentation for Dose Equivalent Determination,” Chairperson T. Johnston


IEC Technical Committee No. 45: Nuclear Instrumentation

Sub-Committee 45A: Environmental Radiation Protection Instrumentation Sub-

Committee 45B: Radiation Protection Instrumentation

            “Installed Radiation Monitors for the Detection of Radioactive and Special Nuclear Materials at National Borders”

            “Dose Rate Measurement Devices”

            “Radiation Protection Instrumentation – Portable Photon Contamination Meters and Monitors”

            Revision of “Equipment for Monitoring of Alpha, Beta or Gamma-Emitting Radionuclides in Liquid Effluents and Surface Water”

            “Airborne Instrumentation for Measurement of Terrestrial Gamma Radiation”

            “Radon and Radon Decay Product Measuring Instruments”

            “Instrument and Control System (I&C) of Interim Storage and Final Repository of Nuclear Fuel and Waste”



Personal life:

Married to Sandra Loa Hays since December 5, 1975

We have 2 daughters, Susan Jennifer and Sarah Anne, both now married.